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Hello, I’m glad you are here!  My name is Mindy and I am a survivor. I am an inspirational singer and speaker. There is nothing that life has thrown at me that I have not had to fight hard to overcome. My inspirational content is all based on my own raw experiences of overcoming eating disorders including obesity and anorexia, depression, suicide, trauma, widowhood, sexual abuse, 3 miscarriages, parenting a special needs child, and financial loss. Often, I dealt with a spirit of rejection. I KNOW anyone can overcome the same nightmares and failures I experienced with the love of God and guidance. If you are like me, there were many times you felt you don’t belong on this earth and that you were a mistake, or perhaps you are feeling that right now? Rejection is the root of self-abuse. But I learned we have an enemy, who that enemy is, and how to demolish all his plans to destroy us. I told the Lord long ago, that if He would help me and deliver me from a life that felt like a living hell, I would take as many with me out of that dark pit—not just to survive, but to thrive, and I would help others discover their talents and worth.If you have been abused, overlooked and misused, you are in the right place! Please visit my content and let’s share together our struggles, dreams and victories!


Successful 2nd Marriages 121822

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Georgia Horton: My Story Finding Jesus in Prison | Praise on TBN

God can use

God Can Use Us Even If We Still have Emotional Scars


Marvelous What inspired me to write “Marvelous” song

I will love song

I will love you song Psalm 18

Kiss From God

Kiss From God “Feeling Stuck?”


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I Will Love

I Will Love You Psalm 18

Moms Dads

Special Moms (& Dads) The Diganosis

What inspired

What inspired me to write, “I’ll Sing to You”

KFG intimidation

KFG Intimidation

KFG Kiss

KFG (Kiss from God) Self Confidence

Special Moms

Special Moms. “The Diagnosis”

Lovin You Mindy

Lovin You MindySings

We Stand

We Stand with Israel

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