Back in the 70s and 80s, many of the R&B artists I listened to would include one Gospel singer on their album and find here an artist. Those songs had a profound effect on me. They inspired me to have faith in God and let me know that God was watching over me. I played the recordings over and over, sang along, and learned them on the piano to accompany myself in singing the song. It brought me joy during a time of emotional pain and confusion. By my late 20s, that was all I wanted to sing, and play.

I am amazed at the diverse melodies and rhythms God gives to His people to expound on the scriptures. Each composer brings out a facet and revelation of scripture that differs from another composer who has written music to the same scripture. The vast number of diversified Christian gospel songs listen to, including. I also listen to classical masterpieces such as Handel’s Messiah, Samuel Barber’s Hermit songs (which I had performed), and even a few countries and rock Christian gospel songs. Bottom line… if God’s Word is being sung with sincerity and passion, I’m IN!! I want to experience it.

On a Zoom Bible Study with Bible for Food Ministries, the founder always introduces us to a new song and includes the lyrics. Her gospel songs differ greatly from week to week and are all beautiful. She includes gospel songs to get our minds on God before the reading of the Word. If you are a singer or songwriter, I want to encourage you to focus and not get intimidated that you don’t look or sound like another gospel singer. Continue to create and write as God leads YOU!

I encourage you when you are in the mood to listen to music, to choose music that was written to the gospel song, and to extol the Word of God. You will experience His Spirit in the atmosphere.

If you would like to host a living room concert, please contact us.

Grace & Peace,


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Los Angeles and San Diego are both home to vibrant gospel music scenes, with passionate singers and musicians who dedicate themselves to spreading the message of love and hope through their music.

You can find a variety of gospel singers in Los Angeles and San Diego performing in churches, concert halls, and even on street corners. Some of the most well-known gospel choirs in the area include The Voices of Destiny, West Angeles Church of God In Christ Choir, and Greater Allen Cathedral of New York City West Coast Choir. These groups have gained national recognition for their powerful performances and inspiring messages.

San Diego also has a thriving gospel music community, with talented singers and musicians who bring their unique styles and perspectives to the genre. Local churches often host gospel concerts featuring both established and up-and-coming artists, and the annual Gospel Fest San Diego brings together performers from across the region for a weekend of uplifting music and fellowship.

Whether you’re in Los Angeles or San Diego, there are plenty of opportunities to experience the joy and energy of gospel music. From soaring vocals to lively rhythms, gospel music is a powerful force that can lift your spirits and inspire you to believe in a better world. So if you’re looking for a musical experience that will feed your soul, check out some of the amazing gospel singers in these two great cities.

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