One Family’s Story Of Motivational Speakers

I want to share an amazing family story of motivational speakers.  This beautiful couple (literally – pretty wife/handsome husband), has two young adult children.  The oldest has autism.  He is 21 years of age and also handsome.  We were together at our home twice in about a month’s time.

Okay, I may be partial, but there is just something special and wonderful about a father and/or mother who has a special needs child, or more than one child with special needs.  They seek the deeper things in life and there is peace, love, and gentleness that goes beyond.

Here are some highlights of my time with this family story of motivational speakers:

  • We were watching a video together and the daughter, who just entered high school was cuddling up with her dad while the son was cuddling up to his mom… c’mon, how often do you see that? Most young adults act like they want to get AWAY from their parents!  There was so much love in this family story of motivational speakers, and they truly enjoyed each other and had a cohesiveness that is rare to find these days in a natal family story of motivational speakers.  Their daughter also had a sweetness, softness, and sensitivity that was unique and lovely.  I’m looking forward to her maturing and discovering her talents.
  • Another great experience…. when their son had earphones on with a certain song about God and His glory, he had the most enlightened look on his face and moved his head to the rhythm with great delight.  He had the face of an angel and during that time, he took my hand and kissed it.  Now I know, from my own experience, that sometimes young men with autism express attraction to women, but at that moment it wasn’t that… it was like God sent the angel to kiss my hand and let me know I was loved from on high.  There is an anointing on this man-child!
  • The father is a miracle in progress. He shared with my husband and me, that he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer but through prayer, fasting, and using natural methods that he felt led to try after seeking God for guidance, the cancer went into partial remission! I am confident that he will soon have a full testimony of healing and I will not at all be surprised if so does his son!

One dominant theme stood out about this lovely family story of motivational speakers.  They are full of joy, fun, and wisdom… they ENJOY life, they ENJOY each other and they have a contentment I rarely experience even from families’ stories of motivational speakers where there is no diagnosis at all and money is never an issue.

So to this family story of motivational speakers, you all know who you are… please stay in our lives forever and I am excited to see how others will one day be amazed at what is around the corner for you all—miracles from on high!

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